The Four Oarsmen

The Four Oarsmen

Setting off on the 12th of December 2017, The Four Oarsmen will be rowing more than 3,000 nautical miles across the world’s second largest ocean as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and aiming to raise money for UK-based charity Spinal Research. Once the Oarsmen leave the shores of La Gomera the elements, ungodly sleep patterns and stormy seas will slowly break them down both physically and mentally. Relying solely on their own manpower, routing and interpretation of the weather conditions they will not be allowed any outside assistance until they get a helping hand off the boat on arrival at English Harbour, Antigua.

If you would like to support further research to help create a world where spinal cord injury doesn’t necessarily mean a lifetime of paralysis, please visit

Any help would be fantastic.


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